We know our situations change during our harp-playing careers. So when it's time to sell your instrument, Harps Arizona is ready to help. Over the last 40 years, Dr. Shelley Wiest has developed wonderful relationships and contacts with a large number of harp teachers and harpists across the U.S. She has been extremely successful in reaching out to those contacts to sell a wide variety of pre-owned harps. Dr. WIest has maintained a strict standard of only marketing the best quality of instruments. Therefore, when she sends information about your harp to her harp teachers and contacts, they know it's a harp worthy of consideration for purchase. As Lyon & Healy and Dusty Strings Dealers, Harps Arizona also has the immediate reputation of handling only the finest standards of pre-owned harps for sale.

There is an appropriate saying that has been developed by harpists over the years: "if you want to sell your instrument in the worst way...sell it yourself." We know it is not an easy task and few of us are trained in the marketing and sales skills necessary to be successful. Inevitably, trying to sell your harp yourself will result in a much longer and frustrating process, and probably will result in a lower final sales price. There is also a growing number of scammers trying to trick you into accepting phony cashier's checks as a payment for your harp. Then after you think the sale is final, you have to deal with shipping and insurance issues. Harps Arizona has expertise, marketing contacts, sales experience, and favorable shipping rates to make selling your harp and easy and profitable process. Our consignment fees are the most competitive in the industry resulting in a higher net profit for you.

Call 602.738.4615 so we can discuss your harp, your goals, and how Harps Arizona can help you sell your harp in the most professional and efficient manner, making the process stress-free for you.



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