HARPS ARIZONA recommends the best harp teachers throughout the state. These are professionals who have a proven track record of success in teaching all ages and levels of experience. We have teachers who can teach classical, sacred, celtic, folk, therapy, pop, and jazz music. Whether your intent is purely for personal enjoyment or whether you aspire to become a professional, Dr. Shelley Wiest will direct you to the teacher who most matches your goals. This is a free service provided by Harps Arizona.

Dr. Wiest has invested extensively in educating herself in various facets of music, most prominently in harp teaching. She holds four degrees in music: B.S.M.E., Kansas State University; M.M., Baylor University; M.Phil., The University of Kansas; and Ph.D., The University of Kansas. She has played the harp as a soloist, ensemble member, and orchestral member in venues throughout the U.S. Dr. Wiest is a published author by McGraw-Hill and has authored over 50 articles for many scholarly music journals. Her extensive education and many years of teaching the harp make her the perfect person to find the right teacher for you.


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